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We are a group made up of Private Detectives and Trusted Investigators who operate in Latin America, USA, Europe, Africa and Asia.

must add a huge network of contacts and the resources derived from belonging to the most important international research associations.

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Our deontological code and our professionalism oblige us to strictly confidential in the relationship with our client.


And with our last generation equipment., We spare no effort to achieve our client's objectives.


We spare no effort to achieve our client's objectives. Your problem, we make it ours.


“My company was having serious problems. Many things did not fit. My partner, who was in charge of the commercial area, argued for non-existent market problems and other excuses. Finally I put myself in the hands of professionals. Detectives Grupo América began an investigation that allowed the discovery of the corruption of my partner, who, helped by a family member, was diverting our business and plunging my company “

Claudia Cordoba


“My former partner caused embezzlement in the company and fled with the money. I had suspicions that he was in Mexico but could not locate him. I needed a professional. Someone recommended me to Detectives Grupo América and the truth is that it was a good idea to hire them. In just under a month they managed to locate him and now he will have to face the consequences of his crime”

Pedro Sousa

Buenos Aires / Argentina

The viability of my company was much compromised. Every time it was worse, it seemed that the competition knew all my information and they took away important clients. It occurred to me to turn to Detectives Grupo América and they discovered that my Commercial Director was a mole, who had allied with the competition. I managed to stop the bleeding in time and now we are in clear recovery”


Santiago de Chile / Chile

“I was able to save my 16-year-old daughter who was being the victim of a cyber stalker. I hired the services of Detectives Grupo América and managed to neutralize the criminal. I am enormously grateful”


Rio de Janeiro (Brasil)

“Mi empresa estaba teniendo serios problemas. Muchas cosas no encajaban. Mi socio, que se encargaba de la parte comercial, argumentaba problemas de mercado inexistentes y otras excusas. Finalmente me puse en manos de profesionales. Detectives Grupo América inició una investigación que permitió descubrir la corrupción de mi socio, quien, ayudado por un familiar, estaba desviando nuestro negocio y hundiendo mi Compañía”

Jaime A.

Lima Peru

“My husband said he had a lot of work. I was coming home very late. This, and other small details made me suspect that I was not the only one. I put myself in the hands of the Detective Group America professionals and soon discovered that the person I trusted had a double life. The deception, came to an end “

Isabel Corona

Bogota/ Colombia

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Brazil is a sovereign country of South America that includes the eastern half of the subcontinent and some groups of small islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Brazil is a federation constituted by the indissoluble union of 26 member states, a ferderal district and the municipalities. With an estimated area of ​​more than 8.5 million km, it is the fifth largest country in the world. Delimited by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Brazil has a coastline of 7,491 km. To the north it limits French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana and Venezuela; to the northwest with Colombia; to the west with Peru and Bolivia; to the   southeast with Paraguay and Argentina, and south with Uruguay. In this way, it has a border with all the countries of South America, except Ecuador and Chile. Despite the fact that its more than 202 million inhabitants make Brazil the sixth most populated country in the world, it has a low population density index. This is due to the fact that most of the population is concentrated along the coast, while the interior of the territory is still marked by huge demographic gaps. The official language and the most spoken is Portuguese, which makes it the largest Lusophone country in the world. The religion with the most followers is Catholicism, being the country with the largest number of nominal Catholics in the world. The Brazilian society is considered a multi-ethnic society to be formed by descendants of Europeans, African and Asian Indians. The great territorial extension of Brazil includes different ecosystems, such as the Amazon, recognized for hosting the greatest biological diversity in the world, the Mata Atlantica and the Cerrado, which also support a great biodiversity, for which Brazil is classified as a megadiverse country.


We are your trusted private detectives in Brazil and we offer our services in Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador de Bahia, Bello Horizonte, Fortaleza, Curitiva and Porto Alegre.

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